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Katie Hoff

Katie is a two-time USA Olympian swimmer, 8x World Champion and 3x Olympic Medalist. She still currently holds the American Record in the 400 IM. Apart from a passion of corporate keynote speaking, fitness and conducting clinics, she feels there is a way to make a positive impact on the dryland side of swimming. In her career, Katie has experienced highly effective dryland programs where the results correlated directly to her success in the pool. She has also experienced negative effects from a lacking dryland program. Her ultimate goal is to collaborate with Todd to provide teams with the tools to strengthen and empower their swimmers with movements that enhance performance in the pool. Coaches shouldn’t have to worry about programming land movements when their ultimate focus needs to be in the water.

Todd Anderson

Todd started as a fullback for MSU and moved on to play in the NFL for the Rams in 2012. In retirement, he took his passion for the strength and conditioning side of the sport to performance coaching. He started as a trainer and moved quickly into management. He is a certified strength and conditioning coach and trained Katie to best times at the end of her career. Todd has also trained a variety of athletes from high school to professional in swimming, tennis, soccer, lacrosse, baseball and football. Additionally, Todd is a sleep coach and conducts team and corporate seminars with Fortune 500 companies on topics which include sleep, brain health and stress. 


CSCS, EXOS PES, FMS, USAW, NASM, NCSF, ISSA, Precision Nutrition Lvl 2

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