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Olympic Level Coaching from your Mobile Device 

Track your Progress

Create a unique profile to log traning movements, PRs, and total reps. Access your customized workouts and document your progress through personalizing your own workout journal. You're also able to privately communicate with Todd and Katie and upload and ask any questions on form, technique, and dryland. 

Standardize the Language

Athletes can view their customized warmups and workouts directly, seeing the exercise, amount of rets and sets, and demonstration videos from Todd and Katie. The app creates a point of consistency for athletes and coaches so athletes can have consistent progress over time. The program is designed  for swimmers ages 8 to 18, all working in alignment throughout their careers. 

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Align with Coaches

Todd and Katie work constantly with coaches for the dryland programming to align with the swimmer's in-water training. This open communication allows Todd and Katie to be better connected with the athletes. On the app, Todd and Katie will send personalized messages to your team talking about programming changes, workout advice, and encouraging words. Athletes are also able to communicate directly with Todd and Katie, asking questions and receiving technique advice. 

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Constant Recalibration

Teammates, coaches, and Todd and Katie are able to see athlete's progress as the app automatically recognizes PRs. Coaches are able to set challenges and communicate directly with athletes. Creating this community allows for constant recalibration to your team's workouts, aligning for preferences, injury adjustments, and optimizing for performance. 

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