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Our Offerings


Team Program

  • Initial consultation to establish goals, needs, season plan

  • In-person baseline assessment testing for all groups (specific minimums required)

  • Coach touch base every 2-3 weeks to analyze results, progress and adjustments

  • Dryland program (ranging from 2-4 workouts per week based on age, space, time)

  • Video demonstrations with explanations via the app

  • Accountability check ins via the app

  • Monthly team seminar on sleep, nutrition, stress management, or recovery

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Individual Program

(Solo, Hybrid, & Live)

  • Initial consultation

  • Exercise demonstrations 

  • Accountability check ins

  • Dryland program ranging from 2-4 workouts based on age, space, and time 



  • Motivational speech with 3x Olympic Medalist and Current American Record Holder Katie Hoff

  • In water clinic with Katie

  • Dryland training 101

  • Sleep presentation with certified sleep coach, Todd Anderson

  • Pictures and autographs with Katie and her Olympic medals

*All Synergy Summits last 4 hours and can accommodate up to 60 kids at a time

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